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Things you need to know

Game will start at 7pm, please be ready to go by then. It’s likely that slot 2 will run a bit late, so it may start a bit later (730 at the latest).

I’ll keep a calendar here on obsidian portal. If you can’t plan on making it, please let me know thru the calendar (by saying you aren’t coming). That way we won’t be holding up the game unnecessarily.

The campaign will go through March with a 100% completion. You can expect to be level 15 with loads of gold, magic items, and stories to tell—assuming you live to tell the tale!

House Rulings

Just putting these out here now so you know what to expect.

Hex & Hunter’s Mark The target of these spells will not automatically know that they have been assaulted if you are sneaky about it (dragons, high priests, and arch wizards not withstanding of course).

Suggestion It is somewhat unreasonable for an enemy to abandon or betray his troops under most circumstances, context not withstanding. Suggestion is primarily an interaction tool and not a command + geas.

Pass Without Trace This spell does not hide your visibility innately. In fact, the veil of shadows radiating from you would likely be quite easy to spot in a well lit room or open field.

Illusion Magic Be creative, but be realistic. I know I would definitely be able to remember that there was no barrel in my living room a few minutes ago. Use with prestidigitation for ultimate effect.

Minor Conjuration I think it’s ok for conjured weapons to be considered magical as it relates to resistances because that is on par with the power of the other schools’ features and wizards frankly don’t get much to differentiate themselves from each other.

Main Page

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